PEAS HABBA 2015

PEAS (Programme for Environmental Awareness in Schools) is a nationwide environment awareness programme aiming to motivate students into action. It is a network of schools committed to fostering an eco-culture. Hundreds of schools are involved and many more are responding to the challenge. Various activities that create awareness as well as action to protect the environment are being conducted.

PEAS is primarily committed to awareness. While action is needed, what is urgent is the commitment that comes from a conviction. PEAS is motivating this awareness amongst school students.

Education is the key. Education must impart all that will contribute to building responsible citizens for tomorrow. PEAS is committed to working with schools so this kind of education can become the priority for students.

Schools are invited to join in the PEAS national network. Individuals concerned for education as well as environmental activities are invited to be involved in a variety of activities. Sponsors and donors are invited to be involved.

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Write to or PEAS, PO Box 9522, Bangalore 560095.

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The ACTS AASHI Project is a programme of ACTS Trust. The ACTS Trust is registered under the Karnataka Trust act No:67/85-86 dated 03.10.1985