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Holistic Education

Impacting Lives of the Marginalized!

Education can be delivered in many forms, however, the most efficient is that which relates and connects to our real life environment. Our vision at the ACTS schools is to thrive as a system that is interactive and character-based, one that produces self-reliant individuals who will transform our society. Besides academic excellence, we ensure that our education goes beyond classrooms and is aligned towards project-, activity- and community-based learning. This helps release varied, untapped, limitless potentialities of the human spirit, as Plato stated.

By Education I mean an all-round drawing out of the  best in child and man --body, mind and spirit-Mahatma Gandhi

integrated learning

True Value of Education Restored - Dr. Ken Gnanankan

Schooling is foundational for children and these foundations should be well-rounded knowledge, skills, and values- social, cultural, religious, environmental, and personal- for preparing the child to grow in a world that is torn apart by conflicting values.

The essence of integration in education must include holism, interconnected curricula, and relevance to the social and physical context in its entirety, so that education would become an integral part of the process of life itself. A classroom must become part of the world and the real world must always be a part of the classroom.

Children come to school as integrated people with thoughts and feelings, words and pictures, ideas and fantasies. They are intensely curious about the world. They are scientists, artists, musicians, historians, dancers, storytellers, and mathematicians. The challenge we face as teachers is to use the wealth they bring us. Therefore, learning takes place best when we begin to explore this 'wealth' within children.

It is a supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge- Albert Einstein



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